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What you are looking at is an example "test" preview of the Uvora LLC walking engine. This engine was first derived from my ambition of creating a replica of the online MMORPG Virtual Magic Kingdom. Although this engine is not currently being used in anything productive, it serves as a library for any futures projects that I plan on creating that will utilize an avatar based 8-way directional isometric grid; using A* Pathfinding of course. An isometric algorithmic pathfinding system is rarely seen in MMO-Flash based two-dimensional games today; the reason for this is due to the fact of its difficulty to implement into the AIR SDK. Many various games currently use Motion Tweening and simply trigonometric walking instead of A* grid pathfinding due to it's complexity. Ex: Club Penguin, Fantage Online, Runescape, Nicktropolis, and many others. Although the technique is complicated a few games have implemented this algorithm. Ex: Habbo Hotel, Virtual Magic Kingdom, and Small Worlds. Another reason many game studios do not like implementing the 8-way directional pathfinding approach is due to the complexity of the graphical engineering that takes place. During the creation of this engine I was lucky enough to come across a fantastic artist Arietta, she had the patience and ambition to learn how to create the graphics required to make this preview possible. Today this engine shows as a basis of future projects that I could undergo, I hope many of you can appreciate it as I have.

Update (December 30th, 2013)

It has been a while since any further development has taken place on the Uvora Engine. Therefore we will be removing the engine from the homepage of our website and this site will be used for other non-related developments.

The Walk Test was Created By: Jared, Arietta, and Mark
The Uvora Engine was Created By: Uvora LLC

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